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Perl Resource Center

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is one of the most popular Internet and Web programming languages in use today. Our Perl Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free Perl content available online, as well as some for-sale items. Start your search here for downloads, tutorials, webcasts, wikis, documentation, reference manuals, the latest language specification, upcoming Perl conferences, FAQs, books, e-books, journals, articles, mailing lists, blogs, RSS feeds and more that will help you develop Perl applications. Sign up for free RSS feeds for over 140 Perl mailing lists. Check out the Perl Directory, the Perl Foundation, and determine the best Perl journals. Read the latest columns by Larry Wall—the creator of Perl—and check out the great resources at O'Reilly's Perl site. Learn about Perl 6—the next version of Perl (yet to be released). Keep track of the Perl 6 developer team blogs for the latest news and developments, or sign up for RSS feeds to be notified promptly of each new development. Haven’t heard about Pugs and Parrot? We’ve found the key sites that will help you learn about these new Perl 6 technologies. Learn object-oriented programming in Perl, developing Web applications with Perl and MySQL, debugging, traps and pitfalls, best practices, file processing, extreme Perl, design patterns, style guidelines, the history of Perl, server-side includes, regular expressions, CGI, DBI, Perl Tk, using XML with Perl—and get a Perl cheat sheet summarizing the language's features. Download free open-source Perl IDEs, a 60-day trial of a Perl “obfuscation and encryption” tool, a chess game written in Perl, a free Perl program that allows you to access a GPS device, a free Perl RSS tool, a Perl-based open-source content management system, a free enterprise collaboration tool, an open source Perl eBook available under the GNU Free Documentation License (users can distribute, copy and modify the content), and lots more Perl programs from CNET's Check out our Perl terminology list—we've alphabetized hundreds of the key Perl-related terms from the Perl Resource Center so you can quickly see what kinds of resources you'll be able to find. And check out Perl humor for some fun!

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Update :: January 20, 2020