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Perl Resource Center

    Perl Blogs
    Perl 6 Blog
    Piers Cawley’s blog discusses Perl 6.
    "Perl 6 Ployglot"
    Blog entry: "Perl 6 Ployglot" discusses some of the other programming languages that members of the Perl 6 development team are learning, provides a brief description of each program and how they compare to Perl 6.
    Perl Blog
    Stevan Little’s Perl blog.
    Perl 6 Blog
    Luke Palmer’s Perl 6 blog.
    Perl 6 Blog
    Jesse Vincent’s Perl 6 blog.
    Perl 6 and Parrot Blog
    Geoff Broadwell writes about Perl 6, Parrot and more.
    Perl 6 Blog
    Chip Salzenberg’s Perl 6 blog.
    Perl 6 Project Manager's Blog
    Allison Randall is the project manager for Perl 6.
    Aggregated Perl 6 Blogs
    Aggregation of several Perl 6 blogs.

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