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Perl Resource Center

    Perl Articles and Technical Documentation
    "Perlhack: How to Hack at the Perl Internals"
    "Perlhack: How to Hack at the Perl Internals" written by Nathan Torkington and maintained by the Perl5-porters mailing list. Describes Perl development and provides hacking suggestions.
    "The Camel and the Snake, or "Cheat the Prophet",lnxw766=OSDev
    Article: "The Camel and the Snake, or "Cheat the Prophet": Open Source Development with Perl, Python, and DB2" by Bill Hilf and Dominique Cimafranca. Walks through the features and functions of Perl and Python and then uses them with IBM's DB2 database and Google’s APIs to build a client and server-side application.

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    Update :: January 22, 2020