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Perl Resource Center

    Perl 6
    Perl 6 Resource Site
    Perl 6 resource site includes archives of several Perl 6 mailing lists.
    "Perl 6 Object Oriented Cookbook"
    "Perl 6 Object Oriented Cookbook" by Mike Lazzaro. Living document with sections covering object-oriented Perl 6, attributes and methods, classes, inheritance, constructors, destructors, autochained methods, context, transformation, subclassing built-in types, delegation, assertions and invariants and more. Updated regularly and open to contributions.
    Perl 6 RFC
    Perl 6 RFC (request for change) index.
    Perl 6 Architecture
    A summary of the Perl 6 architecture and the plans for its design.
    Perl 6 Development Status
    Get the latest status on the development and release of Perl 6.
    Perl 6 Developers Info
    Information about the developers responsible for the design of Perl 6.
    Perl 6 Design
    Series of columns by Larry Wall detailing the design of Perl 6.
    "What is Perl 6?"
    Article: "What is Perl 6?" Discusses the pluses and minuses of Perl 5, and the features and advantages of Perl 6. Advantages include better internals, object orientation, consistency, rules and grammars. New features in Perl 6 include multimethods, coroutines, continuations, useful threading, junctions, roles, hyperoperators, macros, overridable and reusable grammar, garbage collection, module aliasing and versioning, extensible and overridable primitives, and more.
    Perl 6 FAQ
    Learn about the new features of Perl 6 in this FAQ.
    Perl 6
    Learn about the latest version of Perl—Perl 6. Includes FAQs, downloads, mailing lists and more.

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