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Perl Resource Center

    Parrot (Perl 6 Virtual Machine)
    Parrot, Perl and Ruby
    Forum discussion about Parrot, Perl and Ruby.
    Parrot, Perl and Ruby Forum Discussion
    Forum discussion about Parrot, Perl and Ruby.
    Parrot Forum Discussion
    Forum discussion regarding Parrot development.
    Perl/Python Press Release
    Press release discusses the joint development of Perl and Python. Includes discussion of Parrot.
    "Building a Parrot Compiler"
    Article: "Building a Parrot Compiler" by Dan Sugalski.
    "Parrot: Some Assembly Required"
    Article: "Parrot: Some Assembly Required" by Simon Cozens. Describes the Parrot virtual machine, its development status, concepts and more.
    Discusses Parrot
    Discusses the Parrot virtual machine.
    Parrot FAQ
    Parrot FAQ.
    "Squawks of the Parrot"
    Blog entry: "Squawks of the Parrot."
    Parrot Virtual Machine
    Parrot Virtual Machine for use with Perl 6. Includes documentation, FAQs, downloads, examples, talks and resources.

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