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PHP Resource Center

PHP Tutorials
“Securing PHP: Step-by-Step”
Tutorial entitled “Securing PHP: Step-by-Step” shows the basic steps to secure PHP.
PHP Tutorial
PHP tutorial covers PHP basics, installation, syntax, operators, conditional statements, looping, functions, forms, cookies, ODBC and more.
“PHP Tutorial—Databases in PHP, An Introduction”
Tutorial entitled “PHP Tutorial—Databases in PHP, An Introduction.”
“PHP Tutorial: Saving Sessions in a File”
Tutorial entitled “PHP Tutorial: Saving Sessions in a File” shows you how to save information from one session and use it in a later session.
“PHP Tutorial: Introduction”
Tutorial entitled “PHP Tutorial: Introduction” covers basic PHP programming including building a form, processing orders, variables, expressions, operators, functions, using the file system, error handling, cookies and more.
“Writing Classes in PHP”
Tutorial entitled “Writing Classes in PHP.”
“Text File Data Storage”
Tutorial entitled “Text File Data Storage” discusses how to construct pages that enable users to enter new records, list the records, and edit and delete existing records.
“Learning SQL Using phpMyAdmin”
Tutorial entitled “Learning SQL Using phpMyAdmin” teaches basic SQL using the MySQL database server and the phpMyAdmin interface.
“PHP Security Guide”
Tutorial entitled “PHP Security Guide” discusses the basics of PHP security, form processing, database and SQL, sessions and shared hosts.
“PHP and MySQL Tutorial: Introduction”
Tutorial entitled “PHP and MySQL Tutorial: Introduction” discusses the basics of PHP and MySQL, provides some installation information and the steps for setting up a database.
Adobe PHP Topic Center
Adobe PHP Topic Center has numerous tutorials that take you step-by-step through the development of PHP applications.
Developer’s Resource Site
Developer’s resource site offers several PHP programming tutorials. Includes links to a few “off-site” tutorials.
PHP5 Installation Instructions
Instructions for installing PHP5.
Martin Geisler Online Tutorial
Martin Geisler online basic PHP tutorial.  Contents cover introduction, variables (numbers, strings, arrays), control structures (if-statement, loops), functions and links to other PHP resources.  Tutorial includes sample PHP code.
PHP Tutorials
Find several PHP tutorials including PHP and Apache in Windows 2000, Simple File Parsing, Introduction to Control Structures, The Mail() Function, A Beginning Forms Tutorial, Simple Classes Introduction, A Short Intro to GD, Simple Forms Parsing, A Simple News-Driven Site, A Simple Sessions Tutorial, Running PHP3 and 4 Simultaneously within Apache, Doing Simple DB Abstraction in PHP, Simple SQL with PHP, and User Authentication from a MySQL Database.
Tutorials with Sample Code
Provides beginner and advanced tutorials along with sample code.  Find related information about topics such as content management, cookies and sessions, databases, e-commerce, file handling, media, networking, object-oriented programming, security, user authentication and others.
"Introduction to OOP using PHP"
Tutorial entitled, "Introduction to OOP using PHP" introduces object-oriented programming with PHP and MySQL.  Discusses objects, class variables, arrays, inheritance and more.
PHP 101
PHP 101 is a 15-article tutorial explaining PHP for beginners.  Articles include operators, loops, functions, object-oriented programming, databases, sessions, cookies, XML, debugging and more.
PHP 5 Installation Tutorial
PHP tutorial covering PHP 5 installation on Windows, variables, constants, arrays, conditionals, functions, cookies, MySQL database connection, encryption, PHP and Ajax and more.
PHP Tutorial
Tutorial covering the topics of displaying information and variables, if statements, loops and arrays, e-mail with PHP, PHP with forms and more.
PHP Tutorial
PHP Tutorial on basic PHP for users with no previous experience in programming languages.  Tutorial covers variables, control structures, functions and more.

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