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PHP Resource Center

PHP Articles
“PHP on Mac OS X”
Article: “PHP on Mac OS X” walks through the installation of PHP on Mac OS X, then discusses how to parse XML files.
“Using PEAR’s Text_CAPTCHA to Secure...”
Article: “Using PEAR’s Text_CAPTCHA to Secure Web Forms” discusses how to protect your online blogs, guestbooks, forums and polls from spam caused by automated robot attacks. The CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing) test attempts to distinguish computers from legitimate visitors.
“Password Hashing”
Article: “Password Hashing” defines what a hash is and why you use a hash vs. storing passwords in your applications. Includes examples for implementing a password hash using PHP and MySQL.
“MYSQL Administrator”
Article entitled, “MYSQL Administrator” provides an overview of MySQL Administrator and to how to use it.
“Easy Calendar Applications”
Article: “Easy Calendar Applications” discusses the MCAL library—an interface for accessing calendars. Also discusses the mstore calendar driver and the ICAP driver.
“PHP and Java”
Article: “PHP and Java” discusses the Java extension tool and how to use Java classes to extend PHP. Includes installation information and code examples.
“An Introduction to Web Services with PHP”
Article: “An Introduction to Web Services with PHP” discusses how Web services can be used to enhance your Web site.
"PHP Form Validation System"
Article: “PHP Form Validation System: An Object-Oriented Approach,” discusses validating PHP forms on the server side.
“What’s New in PHP 5 and PHP 6”
Article: “What’s new in PHP 5 and PHP 6.”
“Understanding MVC in PHP”
Article: “Understanding MVC in PHP” discusses how to build an MVC (Model View Controller) Web framework with PHP 5.
“Why PHP5 Rocks!”
Article: “Why PHP5 Rocks!” discusses the new functionality and improvements over previous versions of PHP.
“PHP Debugging Basics”

Article: “PHP Debugging Basics” provides tips for finding and fixing bugs in your PHP code.

“Three-Tier Development with PHP 5”
Article: “Three-Tier Development with PHP 5.”
“Object Overloading in PHP 5”
Article: “Object Overloading in PHP 5” discusses the theory of overloading, the “call,” “set” and “get” overload methods. Includes examples.
“The Practicality of OO PHP”
Article: “The Practicality of OO PHP” discusses the benefits of using OO PHP.
O’Reilly PHP Devcenter
The O’Reilly PHP Devcenter has loads of articles covering all aspects of PHP.
Rasmus Lerdorf Interview
Interview with Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP.
"Autofilled PHP Forms"
Article: "Autofilled PHP Forms" discusses using PHP to autopopulate forms from arrays, making handling interactive web pages easier.  Code sample provided.
Ilia Alshanetsky PowerPoints and PDFs
Power Point and PDF files from Ilia Alshanetsky’s talks.  Presentations include "Introduction to SQLite," "Introduction to PHP 5," "PHP 5 and XML," "Accelerating PHP Applications," "PHP 5 and Web Services" and more.
"Five Common PHP Design Patterns"
Article: "Five common PHP design patterns."  Discusses the factory, singleton, observer, chain-of-command and strategy patterns.  Provides sample PHP code and interface, class diagrams.
"Securing PHP: Step-by-Step"
Article: "Securing PHP: Step-by-Step" explaining how to install and configure PHP securely in the FreeBSD 4.7 operating system and most modern UNIX and UNIX-like systems.
"Top 7 PHP Security Blunders"
Article: "Top 7 PHP Security Blunders."  Explains common PHP programming mistakes and how they can result in security holes.  Topics include invalidated input errors, access control flaws, session ID protection and more.
"PHP vs. X Programming Language"
Article: "PHP vs. X programming language."  Response to article "4 Reasons Why Java will Outlast PHP," explaining advancements that have been made to PHP such as easier debugging, object-oriented programming support and more.
"Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do...",1759,1778106,00.asp?kc=DSNKT0403KTX1K0000642
Article: "Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With PHP."  Discuses testing value ranges, the print_r() function, error handling, searching a directory and HTML Tidy; includes PHP code.
"Taking a Look at Ten Different PHP Frameworks"
Article: "Taking a look at ten different PHP frameworks."  Compares the ten most popular PHP frameworks with quick overviews and detailed descriptions, including benefits and downsides.
"10 Tips That Every PHP Newbie Should Know"
Article: "10 Tips That Every PHP Newbie Should Know."  Tips include dealing with MySQL connection class, magic quotes, database query, debugging and writing functions and classes.
"Five Habits of Highly Effective PHP Programmers"
Article: "Five Habits of Highly Effective PHP Programmers"  Each habit has links to tutorials and tools to help with getting rid of bad habits and understanding design.
"PHP Gotchas!"
Article: "PHP Gotchas!"  Provides common PHP programming mistakes, causes and solutions.
"PHP and RSS: Getting it Together"
Article: "PHP and RSS: Getting it Together" discusses RSS format and building an RSS feed using PHP.
PHP Builder Articles
PHP Builder’s list of articles, grouped by category.  Categories include application architecture, code documentation, database, HTML, news, reviews, PEAR, functions, tricks and hacks and more.

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