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.NET Resource Center


ASP.NET and Web Services
Web Services Security Articles
Articles on Web services security issues and standard security protocols.
Web Services Interoperability Organization
Web Services Interoperability Organization. Provides detailed information regarding efforts to build Web services based on standards that promote interoperability and platform independence.
Description, Discovery and Integration Site
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration site provides discussions, specifications, white papers and general information on UDDI.
SOAP Documentation
Extensive documentation on SOAP messages, using SOAP with HTTP, and SOAP security issues.
WSDL Documentation
Provides extensive documentation on WSDL, including a thorough discussion of Web-services-related technologies such as XML, SOAP, HTTP and MIME types in the context of WSDL.
IBM Web Services and SOA Site
IBM’s site for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services includes articles, downloads, demos and discussion forums regarding Web services technology.
Provides industry-related news, articles, resources and links on Web services.
Microsoft Web Services Developer Center
Microsoft Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies Developer Center includes .NET Web services technology specifications and white papers with XML/SOAP articles, columns and links.

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