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JavaFX Resource Center

Welcome to the JavaFX Resource Center. These are some of the many online resources we found helpful when writing the JavaFX chapters for Java How to Program.

Resource Sites
The JavaFX™ Community website is a great resource where you’ll find blogs from community leaders, news, videos, projects and more.
The FX Experience website includes new links each week to JavaFX news, blogs, demos and more.

JavaFX FAQ from Oracle.
Blog: "Most Often Asked Questions About JavaFX," by Michael Heinrichs. Discusses JavaFX on the iPad and mobile devices, the status of Swing and how to migrate Swing applications to JavaFX.
Article: "Why, Where, and How JavaFX Makes Sense," by Bjorn Muller. Discusses reasons for choosing JavaFX, its architecture and more.

The "Rich-Client Java Blog," by Jim Weaver of Oracle Corporation, includes a link to the sample chapter, "Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX."
Tutorial: "JavaFX for Swing Developers," by Irina Fedortsova from Oracle. Discusses the JavaFX advantage for Swing developers, integrating JavaFX into Swing applications, enriching Swing applications with JavaFX functionality, leveraging applications with media features, and implementing a Swing application in JavaFx.

Blog: "A Heartfelt Ramble on Swing and JavaFX," by Amy Fowler.
Blog: "Integrating JavaFX and Swing (Revised)," by Pedro Duque Vieira. Discusses why you may want to use JavaFX in a Swing application, how to embed Swing in JavaFX, the architecture, coding and tips.
Blog: "JavaFX 2-The New Swing? (!)" by Roman Kennke.
Blog: "Using JavaFX 2.0 Inside Swing Applications," by Artem Ananiev. Discusses the JFXPanel, some simple code, and events and painting.
Blog: "JavaFX and Swing (on a Mac)," by Rainer Schwarze. Discusses JFXPanel (embed JavaFX in Swing), preparation, approach 1, approach 2 initializing AWT before JavaFX, and approach 3 embed JavaFX in Swing.
Blog: "Integrating JavaFX with Swing: The JFXPanel," by Leon Atherton. Discusses creating a standard JavaFX project.
Blog: "Custom UI Controls with JavaFX (Part 2)," by Kate Gorien. Discusses floating point bounds, a basic layout, preparing custom control for a layout, useful hints, and transformation.
Blog: "JavaFX is Alive and Doing Very Well, Thank You Very Much," by Peter Pilgrim. Discusses the point of it all, switching from Swing to JavaFX, the politics, cross compiling, portability, networks and security.

Article: "Integrating JavaFX 2.x and Swing: It's Simple," by Eric Bruno. Discusses the containment model, the pseudocode, and a working example.
Article: "Swing Controls in JavaFX," from The JavaFX Cookbook. Discusses SwingLabel, SwingTextField, the SwingButton, SwingRadioButton, SwingCheckBox, and the SwingList.
Article: "Practical JavaFX 2, Part 1: Architecture of a Swing-Based Notepad," by Jeff Friesen. Discusses what JavaFX is, the JavaFX release history, changes in JavaFX 2, the JPad, architecture of the JPad, handling events, dialog boxes, accessing the clipboard, drag-and-drop support, and implementing undo.
Article: "Practical JavaFX 2, Part 2: Refactoring Swing JPads's Basic UI Features to JavaFX," by Jeff Friesen. Discusses JPadFX, architecture of the JPadFX, creating the UI, JavaFX Scene, JavaFX Stage, event handling in JavaFX, menu events, window events, and change listeners.
Article: Practical JavaFX 2, Part 3: Refactoring Swing JPads Advanced UI Features," by Jeff Friesen. Discusses dialog boxes, the About dialog, the Alert dialog, the AreYouSure dialog, the system clipboard, and the drag-and-drop in JavaFX.
Slides: "From Swing to JavaFX: Migration Guide to JavaFX," by Yuichi Sakuraba. Discusses the basics of JavaFX, JavaFX in Swing, Swing to JavaFX without FXML, and Swing to JavaFX with FXML.
Article: "JavaFX and Swing Integration," by Simon Ritter. Discusses how to use the JFXPanel, structure of a simple application, and the JavaFX TableViewControl.
The article, "Why I’m so excited about migrating from Swing to JavaFX 2," by Thierry Wasylczenko. Discusses the improvements from Swing to JavaFX 2.

Scene Graph Resources
The Oracle documentation, Working with the JavaFX Scene Graph.
Oracle’s Package javafx.scene documentation.
Class Scene documentation.
The Oracle tutorial, "Working with Canvas."

JavaFX 8 New Features
Documentation: "New JavaFX Features in JDK 8," by Jim Weaver. Discusses application development with JavaFX, new features of JavaFX in JDK 8, what JavaFX is, creating a UI, creating a scene, handling events, call animation methods, and more.
The article, "What's new in Java 8 (Part I – JavaFX)", by Pedro Duque Viera. Topics discussed include Swing Node, changes to the controls API, video and audio recording, printing support, the new Modena theme, the new DatePicker and TreeTable controls, WebView enhancements, improved 3D support, 3D primitives, loader support and more.
The JavaOne 2013 presentation, "What’s New in JavaFX 8," by Richard Bair and Jasper Pots.
The slide presentation, "New JavaFX Features in JDK 8," by Jim Weaver, Java technology Ambassador at Oracle Corporation.
The tutorial, "New features in next major release—Java FX 8.0." Topics include Swing Node, the merging of the event dispatch thread and JavaFX application thread, Modena, rich-text support, printing support, TreeTable and more.
The article, "Modena—new theme for JavaFX 8," by Jasper Potts.
The presentation, "What’s New in JavaFX 8," by Jim Weaver, Stephen Chin and Michael Hoffer.

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