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Java EE 5 Resource Center


JavaServer Pages White Papers
Methods for Server-Side Dynamic Content
White paper: ““JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages Comparing Methods for Server-Side Dynamic Content,” from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses comparing server mechanisms for dynamic content, portability, performance, ease of development and deployment, database connections, type safety, development tools, APIs and networking interfaces, ease of maintenance, security, comparing page templating systems, page authoring, extensibility, and application maintenance.
JavaServer Pages
White paper: ““JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages,” from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses an executive summary, multitier application architectures, development tools, methodologies, user requirements, JSP technology (the next evolution of servlets), overview of Java APIs, write once run anywhere, JavaServer pages technology, JSP extended servlets, page authors, and JSP technology in a multitiered architecture. The summary discusses JSP technology powers dynamic content in the Web, JSP deliverables, competitive landscape, portability across platforms and servers, scalability, and ease of development, deployment and maintenance.
JavaServer Pages Servlet Developer
White paper: ““JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages Servlet Developer,” from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses features including that it is an extension of servlet technology, its easier to use, and will work with existing servlets.
JavaServer Pages™ Technology
White paper: “JavaServer Pages™ Technology,” from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses a background in developing Web-based applications, JavaServer Pages technology approach to Web application development, what does a JSP page look like, JSP directives, JSP tags, scripting elements, application models for JSP pages, a simple application, scalable processing with Enterprise JavaBeans technology, integrating XML technology in JSP pages, and the future for JSP technology.

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Update :: December 12, 2019