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Java EE 5 Resource Center


Java EE 5 Resources
Java EE Code Samples
Download Java EE code samples and applications demonstrating numerous technologies including Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, web services, JAXB, JNDI, JDBC, security and more.
Java EE 5 Downloads
Java EE 5 downloads include the Java EE SDK, Java EE 5 Tools Bundle Beta, Java EE 5 SDK SOA Starter Kit Preview, and components.
Java™ Platform Enterprise Edition 5 Specification
JSR-000244 Java™ Platform Enterprise Edition 5 Specification.
Java EE 5 Tools;jsessionid=ADDB18F31E123EF16A0D8164ACE7196A
Java EE 5 tools bundle for download. This Beta edition includes NetBeans IDE 5.5 Beta, NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 Early Access, Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9, Project Open ESB Starter Kit Beta, Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1, Java EE 5 Samples, Java BluePrints, and API docs (Javadoc).
JavaServer Pages 2.1
JavaServer Pages 2.1 revision of the JavaServer Pages specification released May 2006.
Java EE 5 JavaServer Faces
Listing of articles and tutorials from Sun Microsystems, Inc. on Java EE 5 JavaServer Faces.
Java EE technologies At a Glance
The Java EE technologies “At a Glance” page from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Features include Web services technologies, including Java API for XML-based Web services, Java API for XML-based RPC, Java architecture for XML binding, SOAP with attachments API for Java, streaming API for XML, and Web services metadata for the java platform. Web application technologies, including Java Servlet 2.5, JavaServer Faces 1.2, JavaServer Pages 2.1, and the  JavaServer Pages Standard tag Library (JSR 52). Enterprise application technologies, including enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5, Common Annotations for the Java platform, Java Message Service API, Java Persistence API, Java Transaction API, JavaBeans Activation Framework, and JavaMail. Management and security technology, including J2EE Application Deployment, J2EE Management, and Java Authorization Contact for Containers.
Java Enterprise Edition 5 Wiki
Wikipedia’s definition of the Java Enterprise Edition 5, and a history of Java.
Java EE 5 At a Glance
The Java EE 5 “At a Glance” page from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Includes a brief description of what’s new in EE 5, links to recent articles, information on service-oriented architecture (SOA), Web 2.0 applications, upcoming events, FAQs, white papers, case studies, resources for Project GlassFish, blogs, newsletters, downloads and more.

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