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Java EE 5 Resource Center


The Basics of GlassFish
Article: "The Basics of GlassFish," by Ed Ort. Discusses what GlassFish is, why GlassFish is important, how to get involved in GlassFish, and how to get started with GlassFish.
Wiki Defines GlassFish
Wikipedia's definition of GlassFish.
Portlet Example on GlassFish
Article: "Portlet Example on GlassFish," by Satish Viswanatham, Dean Polla, and Rick Palkovic. Discusses setting up pluto, testing the hello portlet, testing your own portlet, building the pluto-on-glassfish.jar file, creating and populating a directory, creating a sample portlet, and modifying the pluto configuration.
GlassFish b45 Review
Blog: "GlassFish b45 Review," posted May 2006, discusses database pooling, JSF, console functionality, console deployment capabilities, and documentation.
GlassFish Questions
Here you will find a series of questions dealing with GlassFish, the questions posed here are linked to their solutions or answers.
Forums Dealing with Java EE 5
Locate links to an assortment of forums dealing with Java EE 5 and its various components.
Developing and Building GlassFish with NetBeans
Article: "Developing and Building Project GlassFish with NetBeans," by Brian Leonard. Discusses setting up your environment, getting the GlassFish source, setting the project properties, getting, configuring and testing the GlassFish image; checkout, open and modify a GlassFish module project in NetBeans, getting the admin-cli sources, opening the Admin Cli project in NetBeans, modifying the GlassFish source, build and test the changes, the GlassFish and NetBeans projects, mapping Ant Targets to IDE commands, configuring the project's source directory(ies), configuring the Editor's Classpath, and Netbeans support for Maven.
Java EE, GlassFish and Transparency
Article: "Java EE, GlassFish and Transparency," by Sean Michael Kerner. Discusses the open source aspects of GlassFish.
Elvis Meets GlassFish
Article: "Elvis Meets GlassFish," by Cay S. Horstmann. Discusses an introduction to GlassFish, application layering, persistence (AKA entity beans), business logic (AKA session beans), packaging and deploying an EJB application, accessing session beans, browsing JNDI bindings, spying on the database, and viewing logs.
Web Services in Project GlassFish, Part 3 of 3
Article: "Managing and Monitoring Web Services in Project GlassFish," part 3 of 3, by Satish Viswanatham and Nazurl Islam. Discusses registry, ebXML registry setup, deployment of ebXML RAR, addition of registry access points, publication to registry, search for Web service registry, security, types of security, message-level security, audit callbacks, audit process, and customization of audit module.
Web Services in Project GlassFish, Part 1 of 3
Article: "Managing and Monitoring Web Services in Project GlassFish," part 1 of 3, by Satish Viswanatham and Nazurl Islam. Discusses initial setup, development and deployment of POJO, Web services as first-class objects, listing of Web services, details of Web services, test forms, Web services as JBI service providers, monitoring, configuration, monitoring with statistics and graphs, and self-management of Web services.
Web Services in Project GlassFish, Part 2 of 3
Article: "Managing and Monitoring Web Services in Project GlassFish," part 2 of 3, by Satish Viswanatham and Nazurl Islam. Discusses message trace, fast infoset, procedure for viewing call flow, filtering, transformation, and client implementation.
GlassFish Extras
Locate links to an assortment of projects using GlassFish. Project categories include frameworks, applications, interoperability techniques, and tools. A brief description is given for each entry as well as the build on which it was tested. A list of upcoming integrations is provided as well as links to frameworks and apps where contributions are being requested.
Key Java Enterprise Technologies
Article: “Sun Microsystems Open Sources Key Java Enterprise Technologies,” from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses the Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0, Java System Enterprise Server Bus (Java ESB), Java Enterprise System platform, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5, service oriented architectures (SOAs), Java Business Integration (JBI) specification, and the Java Open Enterprise Service Bus (Open ESB).
GlassFish Documentation Learn_and_Write_Applications_with_the
You can locate links to the GlassFish documentation, a getting started guide, blogs, join a discussion group, submit a bug, request a feature, and contribute tests.
GlassFish FAQ
GlassFish FAQs page.
Learn more about GlassFish—an open source Java EE 5 application server.

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