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Java EE 5 Resource Center


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
The term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was coined by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path, Inc. in February 2005 to describe a range of technologies for developing high-performance, Web-based applications. AJAX applications include Google Maps, Yahoo's FlickR and many more. AJAX separates the user interaction portion of an application from its server interaction, enabling both to proceed asynchronously in parallel. This enables AJAX Web-based applications to perform at speeds approaching those of desktop applications reducing or even eliminating the performance advantage that desktop applications have traditionally had over Web-based applications. This has huge ramifications for the desktop applications industry-the applications platform of choice is starting to shift from the desktop to the Web. Many people believe that the Web-especially in the context of abundant open source software, inexpensive computers and exploding Internet bandwidth-will be the great equalizer, creating the next major growth phase for Internet companies. Check out our Ajax Resource Center to explore our links to AJAX articles, tutorials, applications, community web sites, and more.
Mastering AJAX, Part 1: Introduction to AJAX
Article: "Mastering AJAX, Part 1: Introduction to AJAX," by Brett McLaughlin. Discusses old technology, new tricks; the XML HTTPRequest object, adding in JavaScript, the DOM, getting a request object, working with Microsoft browsers, dealing with Mozilla and non-Microsoft browsers, security, request/response, making a request, handling a response, and hooking in the Web form.
AJAX Magazine
Home page for AJAX magazine. Links to articles are set up by category (such as AJAX design, games, conferences, etc.) additional areas on the site include Mobile, Shop, Forums, and Atom.
A Simpler AJAX Path
Article: "A Simpler AJAX Path," by Matthew Eernisse. Discusses introducing the object, preparing form data to POST, creating the object, POSTing the data, the server response, processing the response, handling errors, and conclusions and future plans.
AJAX: Getting Started
Article: "AJAX: Getting Started," from the Mozilla Developer Center. Discusses what AJAX is, how to make an HTTP request, handling the server response, a simple example, and working with the XML response.
AJAX home page. You will find information and links to a host of AJAX related topics including AJAX patterns, frameworks, libraries, tools, design patterns, projects, terminology, foundational technology patterns, programming patterns, functionality and usability patterns, development process patterns, and comments and feedback.
AJAX: A New Approach to Web Applications
Article: "AJAX: A New Approach to Web Applications," by Jesse James Garrett. Discusses defining AJAX, how AJAX is different, and who's using AJAX.
Wikipedia's definition of AJAX including history, pros and cons, interactivity, usability, response time concerns, JavaScript, and accessibility.
AJAX Developer's Tools
AJAX developer's tools.
AJAX BluePrints
AJAX BluePrints resources available from Sun Microsystems, Inc.
AJAX Tools
Learn about tools available for AJAX.
Web 2.0 and AJAX
Slide presentation: "Web 2.0 and AJAX," by Jim Driscoll. Discusses the definitions of Web 2.0, AJAX, Wikis, RSS/Blogs, and REST; and overview of AJAX, guidelines, JSF approach, and AJAX BluePrints.
AJAX Sample Components
AJAX sample components with descriptions as to what they do and sample applications that you can run. Components covered here include Auto-Complete Text Field, Buy It Now Button, Map Viewer, Popup Calendar, Process Bar, Rating, Rich Textarea Editor, and Select Value Text Field.
Introduction to AJAX and Java Technology
Video: Watch this 15-minute presentation that discusses an introduction to AJAX and Java technology.
AJAX with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
Article: "Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (AJAX) with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition," by Greg Murray. Discusses an introduction to AJAX, uses for AJAX interactions, the anatomy of an AJAX interaction, the Java BluePrints solutions catalog, autocomplets, progress bar, refreshing data, and real-time validation.

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