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Flash 9 Resource Center

Welcome to the Flash 9® Resource Center. The Adobe® Flash Player is a multimedia player and a client runtime that is compatible across various operating systems, browsers, mobile devices and other platforms. Flash Player 9, the latest version of this product, has many new and advanced features, including high-quality video, enhanced security—and it is about 10 times faster than its prior version. The Flash Player 9 uses ActionScript™ 3.0—a scripting language that allows Flash Player to be richly interactive. Flash has also been successfully incorporated into mobile devices using Flash Lite™, a platform for running Rich Internet Applications. Start your search here for Flash resources, such as demos, videos, articles, tutorials, downloads, books, blogs and more. In the Flash 9 Resource Center, you’ll find links to:

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 18, 2020