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CSS 2.1
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HTML, XHTML and CSS Bible, 3rd ed.
eBook: HTML, XHTML and CSS Bible, 3rd ed., July 2004, by Bryan Pfaffenberger, Steven Schafer and Chuck White. Discusses understanding (X)HTML, authoring fundamentals, controlling presentation with CSS, advanced web authoring; testing, publishing and maintaining a site, and principles of professional web design and development.
Accessible XHTML and CSS Web Sites Problem...
eBook: Accessible XHTML and CSS Web Sites Problem Design Solution, April 2005, by Jon Duckett. Discusses problems with HTML, moving from HTML to XHTML, using CSS to style documents, adding more style with CSS, using CSS for layout, understanding accessibility, creating accessible tables and forms, and testing a site.
Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design
eBook: Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design, June 2007, by Richard York. Discusses who creates and maintains CSS, how the Internet works, how CSS came to be, browsers, writing CSS, advantages of using CSS, CSS rules, selectors, grouping selectors, declarations, values, including CSS in a document, class and ID selectors, universal selector, descendant selectors, direct child selectors, next sibling selector, attribute selectors, the cascade, inheritance, properties, fonts, margins, borders, padding, setting dimensions, floating and vertical alignment, list properties, backgrounds, positioning, tables, styling for print, XML, and the cursor property.
CSS Web Design for Dummies
eBook: CSS Web Design for Dummies, March 2005, by Richard Mansfield. Discusses the ABCs of CSS, looking good with CSS, design and composition with CSS, advanced CSS techniques, CSS tips, CSS tricks, upgrading HTML web pages to CSS, inheritance, and playing with positions.

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