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CSS 2.1
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CSS Video Tutorials from Sampson Resume
Video tutorials: A series of seven free videos on CSS from Sampson Resume walk through the concepts of CSS. Topics include what HTML is, ID tags, applying styles, inline styles, linking style sheets, defining styles, adding background color, padding, borders, margins, absolute and relative, rounded corners, three-column layouts and flyouts.
CSS 2 Training Video
Video: “CSS 2 Training,” is a for-sale CSS course from Apex Web Media. Several topics are available as free tutorials including tools, what CSS is, where CSS can be used, the specifications, simple and advanced XML style sheets, CSS terminology, including CSS in a document, basic CSS structure, comments, length values, URL values, color values, CSS strings and quotation marks, angle values, time values, frequency values, creating a basic CSS style sheet, basic selectors, descendant selectors, child selectors, adjacent sibling selectors, attribute selectors, class and ID as selectors, pseudo elements and classes, dynamic pseudo classes, and creating an advanced style sheet. Additional topics include the cascade, media types, the box model, visual formatting, advanced visual formatting, visual effects, generated content, paged media, colors and backgrounds, fonts, advanced fonts, text, tables, user interface, aural style sheets (for the visually impaired), and the future of CSS.

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Update :: January 20, 2020