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CSS 2.1
CSS TutorialsMinimize
CSS Application Tutorials
Tutorials: A tutorial-based site on some specific applications of CSS.  Gives detailed tutorials on the many possibilities for lists using CSS, using float to control layout, and how to use selectors to apply styles to the right HTML elements.
A List Apart CSS Articles
Articles: Articles on CSS from the web design publication A List Apart.  Includes many task-based articles on how to put CSS to practical use to make web sites look better, focusing on standards-compliance and layout with CSS.  A List Apart publishes every two weeks.
CSS "Rounded Corners" Tutorials
Tutorials: CSS rounded corners list.  An extensive list of methods to create boxes or buttons with rounded corners using CSS.  Each method is entered in a table containing a link to a tutorial, the number of images required, whether Javascript is required and whether it’s fixed or liquid.
70 CSS Tips
Tips: 70 tips to improve CSS code.  A categorized list of tips and tricks to improve CSS code, including code organization, workflow tips, debugging, and technical tips.  There is a link to the source of each tip.
Task-Oriented CSS Website Design Tutorials
Tutorials: A site with task-oriented tutorials on how to use CSS in a website design.  Tutorials cover many topics including layout design, browser compatibility issues, and various tips and tricks.  Tutorials have user ratings to show which ones are most helpful.

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Update :: January 20, 2020