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CSS 2.1
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W3C CSS Page
Reference: World Wide Web Consortium’s CSS page.  Contains the latest news on CSS from the organization that writes the CSS standard.  Also lists CSS browsers, authoring software, and links versions 1, 2.1, and 3 of the official CSS specification.
CSS Properties Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheet: An extensive cheat sheet on the more common CSS properties and how to use them.  Basic concepts, including grouping, selectors, comments, and container elements are explained, in addition to units, cascading, the box model, and many of the most commonly used properties and selectors.
CSS2.1 "Cheat Sheet" Quick Reference
Cheat Sheet: A compact CSS2.1 cheat sheet in PDF or PNG format containing categorized properties, selectors, pseudo-selectors, the box model, and units.  A good quick reference to have handy when writing CSS code in order to find things easily.
CSS2.1 Property Directory
Reference: CSS2.1 property directory.  Contains a list of properties, an explanation of selectors, CSS syntax, support history, CSS specification history, and browser history.  The property index is especially useful for finding CSS properties either alphabetically or by their application, such as form, text, colors, etc.
CSS2.1 Property Reference
Reference: CSS2.1 property reference.  Provides a compact, easily traversed reference of all of the properties in CSS2.1, what they control, and what values they can assume.  Also notes whether each property is supported by Firefox 1, Opera 7, Safari, and Internet Explorer 6.
Categorized CSS2.1 Property Reference
Reference: Categorized CSS2.1 property reference, including text and fonts, colors and backgrounds, box model, positioning and display, lists, tables, generated content, and paged media.  For each property, see possible values, example uses, and related properties.
CSS Property Reference
Reference: Web Design Group’s CSS property reference.  Properties are categorized into font, color and background, text, box, and classification.  A page on each property details the syntax, possible values, default value, what elements it can apply to, and whether it’s inherited.
CSS2.1 Shorthand Guide
Reference: A CSS2.1 shorthand guide.  Explains the use of shorthand in CSS property values.  Discusses how to set multiple values with one line of code on backgrounds, fonts, borders, margins and padding, outlines and list-style.

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Update :: January 20, 2020