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CSS 2.1
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CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 Specification
Specification: The CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 is the most recent finalized version of the CSS Mobile Profile specification, outlining a subset of CSS2.1 that mobile devices should implement.  It has candidate recommendation status.
CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 Specification
Specification: The current working draft of the CSS Mobile Profile 2.0 specification.  This document outlines a common subset of CSS2.1 that all mobile web devices should implement.  It is a working draft, subject to be updated or changed.
CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 Specification Guide
Article: WestCiv’s guide to the CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 specification.  Details the CSS2.1 selectors and properties included in the subset that should be implemented on mobile devices.

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Update :: January 20, 2020