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CSS 2.1
CSS IntroductionMinimize
Web Design Group CSS Tutorial
Tutorial: Web Design Group’s CSS tutorial.  A basic introduction to CSS, covering the structure of a style sheet and how to embed CSS in HTML.  Links to more detailed tutorials on structure and rules, and the various ways to apply a style sheet to an HTML document.
CSS Tutorials with Code Examples
Tutorial: Basic and advanced CSS tutorials, with related code examples.  Example editor allows for direct editing of code on the website, and viewing of the changes by clicking a button.  A good hands-on way to learn CSS. CSS Tutorial
Tutorial:’s basic CSS tutorial.  Easy-to-follow guide giving a comprehensive introduction to CSS.  Begins with explaining CSS and how it works, then uses simple code examples and explanations to demonstrate how CSS can be used to improve a site.
CSS Introductory Tutorial
Tutorial: Introductory tutorial on CSS.  Begins with an explanation of why CSS is useful, then discusses selectors, text, colors, links, lists, layers, and cursors.  Gives code examples and sample pages to demonstrate concepts.
Davesite CSS1 Tutorial
Tutorial: Davesite’s interactive CSS1 tutorial.  Lessons cover basics, selectors, background and colors, fonts and text, links, lists, margins and padding, and borders.  Simple writing and code examples demonstrate the basic concepts of CSS.  A good introduction, but it does not cover any features new to CSS2.

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Update :: January 20, 2020