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CSS 2.1
CSS DemosMinimize
CSS Style Sheet Demonstrations
Demo: A website that demonstrates the power of CSS.  There is only one HTML page with a number of links that apply different CSS style sheets to that page.  A great demonstration of how a designer can take complete control of the style and layout of a page using only CSS.
CSS Demos and Widget Examples
Demos: A site with many examples of ways to use CSS.  Includes categorized demos of different types of menus and layouts, as well as widgets like mouseover photo galleries, calendars, and animations.  Also has demos on manipulation of text, images, forms, and lists.  Updated regularly with new CSS demos.
CSS Navigation Bar Code Examples and Demos
Demos: Code examples and demos of CSS tab-style navigation bars.  Also has links to vertical CSS menus and CSS manipulation of images, forms, divs and containers, and links and buttons.  Code is available on the website, and is easy to copy and modify.
CSS General Page Layout Templates
Templates: CSS templates that provide a general page layout.  Includes various static and fluid layouts with headers and footers and one, two, or three columns.  CSS layouts eliminate the need for table layouts and make it easier to style the contents of a web page.
CSS Layout Templates
Templates: 40 downloadable CSS layout templates with varying numbers and fluidity of columns.

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Update :: January 20, 2020