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CSS 2.1
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Cascading Style Sheets Yahoo! Group
Discussion Group: A Yahoo! Group dedicated to discussing Cascading Style Sheets.  Users can discuss problems and questions, help each other find solutions, and submit style sheets for critique by other members.
Stylesheets Google Group Discusses CSS
Discussion Group: A Google Group called comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets.  Active discussions of questions posed by users.  Searchable discussion topics cover layout and presentation using CSS. CSS Forum
Forum:’s CSS forum, a good place to find answers to common questions or to ask new questions.  Contains message boards for beginner questions, styling, and layouts.  Also provides a board for submitting sites for critiques by other users.
CSS on the Webmaster World Forum
Forum: Webmaster World’s discussion forum on CSS.  Active discussions on topics related to CSS design, layout, and styling.  View tutorial threads, browse old threads with answers to questions, or ask new questions.   Part of a large index of forums on many topics related to web design and topics of interest for webmasters.
Sitepoint CSS Forum
Forum: Sitepoint CSS discussion forum. Contains tutorial threads, and questions and answers.  Sitepoint is a website with articles, forums, blogs, books, and videos of web design and web development.

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Update :: January 20, 2020