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CSS 2.1
CSS Browser CompatabilityMinimize
CSS Browser Support Information
Charts: CSS browser support information.  Includes comprehensive charts for CSS2.1 and CSS3 features.  Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 2, and Opera 9 are included.  Useful for determining which features of CSS can be safely assumed to work on almost all widely used browsers.
Quirksmode CSS Reference
Charts: Quirksmode’s CSS reference.  Has an explanation of quirks mode vs. strict mode for web browser standards compliance, a list of safe hacks, and an explanation of how to use conditional comments to work around browser differences.  There’s also a browser compatibility chart with selectors, pseudo-classes, and declarations for Internet Explorer 5, 6, and 7 beta 3, Firefox 1.5, Safari 1.3.2, Opera 9, and iCab 3.0.
CSS Browser Support Charts
Charts: CSS browser support charts.  Provides charts that detail the CSS features that are supported by various versions of different browsers.  Includes charts on basic concepts, selectors, text properties, background, border, margin and padding, page layout, element type, user interface, generated content, printing, and values.  Internet Explorer through 7.0, Netscape 4.x, Firefox/Gecko 1.0+, Safari 1.2+, and Opera 7.0+ are included.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 20, 2020