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CSS 2.1
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CSS 3 Blog
Blog: A blog tracking CSS 3’s development and adoption.  Discusses the latest news on CSS 3, as well as providing pages that give previews of CSS 3 features, a Javascript-based test to determine a browser’s support for CSS 3, and details about the status of the modules that comprise CSS 3.
CSS Beauty
Blog: CSS beauty, a website tracking news related to CSS and web design.  It has the latest news, an RSS feed, and a gallery of CSS-based websites.  Also included is a listing of CSS-related jobs, and a forum for discussing technical design issues.
CSS Blog References
Blog:  A web development blog’s CSS references section.  Posts on recent articles and updates on CSS design, layout, hacks, optimization, and tutorials. Two RSS feeds contain the latest blog posts and web development resources.

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Update :: January 20, 2020