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CSS 2.1
CSS Aural StylesMinimize
W3 CSS 2 Specification on Aural Style Sheets
Specification: The section of the W3 CSS 2 specification on aural style sheets.  Introduces aural styles and details the aural properties defined by the CSS 2 specification.  Aural styles are intended to improve accessibility for disabled users, particularly the blind.  Aural styles help browsers designed for disabled users to present the content of a website in a more sensible manner than simply converting a page to text and speech synthesizing it.
Description of Aural Styles from
Article:’s description of aural styles.  Introduces the aural features new to CSS 2 and gives a general overview of how they work.  Outlines volume, speak, pausing, cueing, mixing, spatial, and speech properties, and gives values for some of the properties in bulleted lists.
Aural CSS Summary from the HTML Center
Article: HTML Center’s summary of aural CSS.  Provides a general overview, without going into very much detail on what each property does.  Discusses volume, spatial, and voice characteristic properties and gives a list of which properties are included in each category.

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Update :: January 20, 2020