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CSS 2.1
CSS 3Minimize
W3C CSS Current Work Page
Reference:  The W3C’s current work page about CSS.  Contains descriptions, priorities, and schedules of all modules of CSS 3, with links to the most recent draft of each module in the CSS 3 specification.
W3C CSS Development Blog
Blog: W3C’s CSS development blog.  Announces and discusses new developments in the CSS 3 specification.  Comments also allow for more community feedback in addition to the CSS development mailing list.
CSS 3 Tutorial and Reference Source
Reference: A complete tutorial and reference source for CSS 3.  Although most features are not yet implemented in current browsers, CSS 3 has many new features.  These include new properties for borders and backgrounds, new color capabilities, text effects, and box sizing properties.
CSS 3 Blog
Blog: A blog tracking CSS 3’s development and adoption.  Discusses the latest news on CSS 3, as well as providing pages that give previews of CSS 3 features, a Javascript-based test to determine a browser’s support for CSS 3, and details about the status of the modules that comprise CSS 3.
Web Directions South
Conference: Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 25-29, 2007. CSS topics include: “Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design,” “Mobile Web Design and Development,” W3C issues including CSS 3, the future of HTML, Webapps, and XForms, and “A New Life for Old Standards—Revisions to HTML and CSS.”
CSS 3 Multi-column Functionality
Article: A List Apart article on the upcoming CSS 3 multi-column functionality.  Explains why multiple columns are important on the web and overviews the proposed features and how they are likely to work.  Also has notes about upcoming browser implementations.

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Update :: January 20, 2020