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C++ Programming Resource Center
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C++ e-Books and Reports
Free C++ eBooks
Free C++ eBooks. Titles include C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3, by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield, An Overview of the C++ Programming Language, by Bjarne Stroustrup (the creator of C++), A Beginner’s C++, by Neil Gray and Introduction to OOP Using C++, by Peter Muller. Also provides some links to articles and tutorials.
Programming with the C++ Standard Library
C++ A Dialog: Programming with the C++ Standard Library, by Steve Heller, 2002 (free eBook). Includes links to a ZIP file with all the book’s source code as well as the compiler and debugger used in the book. Appropriate for beginners. Topics include hardware fundamentals, basics of C++ programming, functions, user-defined data types, objects, inheritance, polymorphism and a home inventory project.
C++ In Action: Industrial Strength Programming
C++ In Action: Industrial Strength Programming, by Bartosz Milewski. There is a free web edition; a for-sale hard copy edition is available on Amazon. The book is divided into three sections. Part 1 covers the C++ language, discussing objects, scope, arrays, pointers and polymorphism. Part 2 covers techniques for writing good C++ code, including cleaning up your code, hiding implementation details, sharing, removing limitations, resource management, using the Standard Template Library (STL), persistence and overloading operator new. Part 3 covers C++ programming in Windows, including topics such as libraries, programming paradigms, controlling Windows through C++ and a Windows application. The book also includes code samples to download.
Thinking in C++ Second Edition
Thinking in C++ Second Edition, by Bruce Eckel. A free two-volume eBook that discusses objects, C components included in C++, data abstraction, hiding implementation, functions, constants, operator overloading, inheritance, virtual functions and templates.
C++ Performance
“Techincal Report on C++ Performance.” Topics covered include language features, creating efficient libraries, using C++ in embedded systems and hardware addressing interface (148 pages).
A Beginners C++
Free eBook: A Beginners C++, by Neil Grey (draft version). The first four chapters cover introductory topics such as CPU, memory and the evolution of high-level languages. Subsequent chapters discuss variables, constants, while loops, do while, for loops, selection, functions, arrays, algorithms, tools and structs.
C++ Coding Standards
Free e-book: “Industrial Strength C++.” Discusses C++ coding standards.

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