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C# Programming Resource Center


Visual C# 2005 Articles, eBooks and Whitepapers
C# Generics: Collection Interfaces
Article: “C# Generics: Collection Interfaces,” by Jesse Liberty.
What is C#
Article: “What is C#,” by Jesse Liberty, provides an introduction to the .NET platform and C# programming.
Create Elegant Code With Anonymous Methods, Iterat

Article: “Create Elegant Code With Anonymous Methods, Iterators, and Partial Classes,” by Juval Lowy. Discusses new features in Visual C# 2005, iterating over collections, spanning class definitions across files and anonymous methods.

Code Design and Visualization with Visual C# 2005,1759,1821745,00.asp
Article: “Code Design and Visualization with Visual C# 2005,” by Joe Mayo. Discusses class diagrams which enables visual programming.
Refactoring in Visual C# 2005,1895,1828694,00.asp
Article: “Refactoring in Visual C# 2005,” by Joe Mayo. Discusses rename, extract method and other tools, how to use each and how they help improve your coding productivity.
Implementing a PropertyBag in C#
Article: “Implementing a PropertyBag in C#” by Graham Harrison. Covers design, coding, and documentation for a PropertyBag class.
Getting Started with C#, Part 1
Article: “Getting Started with C#, Part 1,” by Jesse Liberty, shows you how to write your first program in C#.
Top 10 Visual C# 2005 IDE Enhancements
Article: “Top 10 Visual C# 2005 IDE Enhancements: Refactoring and Object Data Binding are Among the Improved Features in Visual C# 2005,” by Daniel Fernandez. Discusses new features including auto “using” statements,  configurable code formatting and coloring, code definition window, object data binding, debugger visualizers, class designer, enhanced IntelliSense, IntelliSense code snippets, edit and continue, and refactoring.
Investigating Code Snippet Technology
Article: “Investigating Code Snippet Technology,” by Andrew W. Troelsen. Topics include understanding the role of code snippets, a catalog of code snippets, locating predefined code snippet files, code snippets under the hood, building custom code snippets, building the new type instantiation expansion, building the new Web method expansion, building the disposable type expansion, about $selected$ and registering custom code snippets.
An Introduction to Programming Using Microsoft Vis
Article: “An Introduction to Programming Using Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition,” by Andrew W. Troelsen. Covers high-level features of Visual C# 2005 Express Edition; Visual C# 2005 Express Edition projects; assemblies, namespaces and types; using external types; handling exceptions; handling the exception programmatically; creating a C# class library project; and building a Windows Forms application. 

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