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C# Programming Resource Center


SharpDevelop Open Source C# IDE
SharpDevelop Team Blog
SharpDevelop Team Blog discusses the latest news and developments in the IDE.
SharpDevelop Bug Tracker
SharpDevelop bug tracker. Check out the known bugs or post those that you’ve found.
SharpDevelop Community
Chat with other developers in the SharpDevelop community.
SharpDevelop Architecture Documents Download
Download SharpDevelop architecture documents including the “SharpDevelop C# Coding Style Guide,” “Technical Writing Made Easier,” and “The Fine Art of Commenting.”  
Tutorial: Customizing the Highlighting
Tutorial: “Customizing the Highlighting” shows how to customize code in the code editor in SharpDevelop.
Tutorial: Integrated Debugger
Tutorial: “Integrated Debugger,” by David Srbecky, includes a video and code examples demonstrating how this new SharpDevelop 2.0 feature works.
Tutorial: Debugging in SharpDevelop
Tutorial: “Debugging in SharpDevelop” shows you how to debug in SharpDevelop 1.1.
Tutorial: Class Arrays
Tutorial: “Class Arrays.” Demonstrates code completion with Class Arrays in SharpDevelop.
Tutorial: Project Options
Tutorial: “Project Options.” Discusses the SharpDevelop Project Options menu, which sets the project identification.
SharpDevelop FAQ
SharpDevelop FAQ.
SharpDevelop Features
List of features in SharpDevelop.
SharpDevelop Wiki
SharpDevelop wiki includes a description of the IDE and links to SharpDevelop resources.
SharpDevelop Homepage
SharpDevelop homepage includes downloads, changes, features, forums, a bug tracker, blogs and more.

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