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C++ Programming Resource Center
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STL Resources
Constructors, Operators, and Functions
List of the constructors, operators and functions supported by each STL container.
Includes articles, books and interviews.
Standard Template Library Wiki
Wikipedia entry for the Standard Template Library. Defines the Standard Template Library (STL) as a subset of the C++ Standard Library. The STL provides classes and functions for containers, iterators, and algorithms in C++. Entry also discusses the history of the STL, criticism of the STL and links to other resources relating to the C++ STL.
C++ Standard Library Wiki
Wikipedia entry for the C++ Standard Library. Defines what the C++ Standard Library is and provides an overview of the headers provided in the C++ Standard Library, the C Standard Library and the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) with links to more detailed information on many of them.
Alexander Stepanov Interview
Dr. Dobb's Journal interview with Alexander Stepanov.
Byte Magazine STL Article
Byte Magazine article on the STL written by Alexander Stepanov. Stepanov, one of the creators of the Standard Template Library, explains how to use the STL in generic programming.
Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
Silicon Graphics Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide is a useful resource for STL information. Download the STL from this site and find the latest information, design documentation and links to other STL resources.

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