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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Resource Sites
Code and Tools for C++ Mobile Applications
Code and development tools for C++ programmers implementing mobile applications for the Symbian operating system, which is popular on mobile phones. Find downloads and example code, whitepapers, hints and tips, support forums and more.
Bjarne Stroustrup C++ Resource List
Bjarne Stroustrup, designer of the C++ programming language, provides a list of C++ resources, FAQs, a glossary, interviews, applications and more.
C/C++ Users Group (CUG)
C/C++ Users Group (CUG) site includes C++ resources, journals, shareware and freeware.
Association of C & C++ Users (ACCU)
The Association of C & C++ Users (ACCU) site includes links to C++ tutorials, articles, developer information, discussions and book reviews.
C/C++ Users Journal
C/C++ User's Journal online magazine includes articles, tutorials, downloads, news, forums and links to development tools.
C++ History and Development
Contains information about the history and development of C++, tutorials, documentation, reference material, source code and forums.
C++ Style and Technique FAQ
The C++ style and technique FAQ by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of the language, provides answers to common questions about C++.
C++ Web Resources provides links to C++ resources on the Web, including tutorials and a C++ FAQ.
C++ Zone
DevX is a comprehensive resource for programmers that provides the latest news, tools and techniques for various programming languages. The C++ Zone offers tips, discussion forums, technical help and online newsletters.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world’s largest society for educational and scientific computing. Visit the site for membership information, to connect with your local chapter and links to the ACM’s special interest groups.
InformIT: C++ Reference Guide

InformIT: C++ Reference Guide. Danny Kalev, a C++ specialist, blogs about C++. Topics include an overview of C++, memory management, exception handling, function objects, casts and many other features of the C++ language. He also interviews Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++, and discusses the C++0x standard.

Dr. Dobb’s C++ Portal
The C++ department of Dr. Dobb’s C++ portal provides articles, podcasts, source code and columns on C++ topics including new technologies, programming style and tricks of the trade for C++ software developers and architects.
Extensive C++ FAQ organized by topic including classes, inheritance, constructors, destructors, templates and more. Also includes a section for questions frequently asked by “newbies.”
Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ Glossary
Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++ glossary includes definitions for hundreds of C++ programming-related terms.
C/C++ Users Group (CUG)
C/C++ Users Group (CUG) site includes C++ resources, journals, shareware and freeware.
Microsoft Visual C++ Developer Center
Microsoft Visual C++ Developer Center includes product information and downloads, support, community links and articles from developers.

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