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C# Programming Resource Center


Microsoft Visual C# 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Blogs
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Team Blogs
Check out the Microsoft Visual C# 2005 team blogs.
C#, ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2005
Kevin Pilch-Bisson, part of the Microsoft Visual C# editor team, writes about C#, ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2005.
C# Express, C# 3.0, and Visual Studio
Cyrus Najmabadi from Microsoft’s Visual C# team, writes about C# Express, C# 3.0, Visual Studio and more. He often includes code examples and code snippets.
Anson Horton, part of Microsoft’s Visual C# IDE team, writes about the features of the C# IDE. His blog posts often include screen shots and code examples.
Visual Studio 2005 Debugger
Deeptanshu Verma from Microsoft’s Visual Studio Debugger team, writes about the Visual Studio 2005 Debugger.
Performance and the Visual Studio Debugger
Gregg Miskelly from Microsoft’s Visual Studio Debugger team, blogs about performance and the Visual Studio Debugger.
C# and .NET Development
Gus Perez from the C# Compiler QA team at Microsoft blogs about C# and .NET development, and software testing.
Visual Studio
Scott Wiltamuth, Product Unit Manager of Visual C# at Microsoft and one of the designers of the language, blogs about Visual Studio in the news and often links to current news articles and product pages.
Visual C#
Raj Pai, Group Program Manager of the Visual C# team at Microsoft, blogs about the teams’ projects and the latest C# developments.
Visual C# and the Visual Studio Debugger
Rusty Miller, the QA manager for Visual C# and the Visual Studio Debugger at Microsoft, writes about software testing and debugging.
Visual Studio Express
Dan Fernandez, lead project manager for Visual Studio Express at Microsoft, blogs about C# and Visual Studio news and developments.

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