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C# Programming Resource Center


MSDN Visual C# 2-D Game Programming Webcasts
Webcast: Creating Sprite Behavior
Webcast: “Creating Sprite Behavior” by Matthew Mead. Covers sprite behavior and collision detection, and how to use them in the game project's control of enemy and bullet behavior
Webcast: Game Music and Sound Effects
Webcast: “Game Music and Sound Effects” by Matthew Mead. Discusses the implementation of background music and sound effects in video games and how to implement the score feature into the game project.
Webcast: Player Control of Sprites
Webcast: “Player Control of Sprites” by Matthew Mead. Continues the discussion of sprites. Learn how games use player input to create and move a sprite. Also learn how to use keyboard input, vector direction and position in the implementation of main character and enemy movement (plus "shooting bullets") in the game project. 
Webcast: Transformation and Collision of Sprites
Webcast: “Transformation and Collision of Sprites” by Matthew Mead. Learn how to make sprites move. Topics include translation, scale, rotation, velocity and collision, and how to use these to move the enemy character in the game project. 
Webcast: Introduction to Sprites and Animation
Webcast: “Introduction to Sprites and Animation” by Matthew Mead. Discusses sprites, a graphical element used in games for everything from characters to game meters. Topics include the creation and implementation of animated sprites in a game project, including background art production, view ports, definition of frames, frame delay, transparency, and alpha-blending.
Webcast: Overview of Game Elements
Webcast: “Overview of Game Elements” by Matthew Mead. Topics include graphics, player input, sound, networking, 2D/3D graphics, vector versus bitmap graphics, keyboards/mouse/force feedback, audio formats, 3D audio, networking protocols, multiplayer, and peer-to-peer versus client/server networking models. 
Webcast: Basic Programming Concepts and Introducti
Webcast: “Basic Programming Concepts and Introduction to C#” by Matthew Mead (part of the Game Development Webcast series). Covers variables, expressions, statements, operators, functions, flow control, classes, arrays, structures and C# types.
Webcast: Overview of Game Development Process
Webcast: “Overview of Game Development Process” by Matthew Mead. Provides an introduction to game programming concepts including game loops and main game components, the basics of the Microsoft Visual C# programming environment.

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