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C++ Programming Resource Center
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C++/ Visual C++ Game Programming
Deitel C++ Game Programming Resource Center
Check out the Deitel C++ Game Programming Resource Center. You'll find free C++ game programming libraries, toolkits, open source game engines, tutorials, forums and more.
Computer Game Programming Resource Center
Don’t just play computer games, learn how to program your own! This section includes C++ and Visual C++ game programming resources. For additional game programming resources, check out our Computer Game Programming Resource Center. Includes free tutorials, e-books, online training and more. Check out the code from popular computer games. Also lists game programming books. 
C++ Game Programming Tutorials
C++ game programming tutorials. Each tutorial includes a description of the game and a list of the methods and functions used in the tutorial.
C++ Games Links
Links to numerous games built with C++; source code for many is available for download.
C++ Games
C++ games available for download.
Game Programming Web Course
Free Web-based course in game programming using C++ and Microsoft’s DirectX technology.
“OpenGL Tutorial in Visual C++”
Tutorial entitled “OpenGL Tutorial in Visual C++” provides an introduction to OpenGL, drawing shapes, 3D, texture mapping, keyboard and mouse interaction and more.
“A* Algorithm Tutorial”
Tutorial entitled, “A* Algorithm Tutorial,” includes sample code in C++. The A* algorithm is an artificial intelligence search algorithm often used in game development.
Beginners Guide to C/C++ Game Programming
Beginners guide to C/C++ game programming. Find information about C++ programming, graphics, sound and more.
"Types, Variables, and Standard I/O: Lost Fortune"
Sample Chapter: "Types, Variables, and Standard I/O: Lost Fortune," from Beginning C++ Game Programming, May 2004, by Michael Dawson. Discusses C++, using C++ for games, compilers, chapter breakdown of what the test contains, dealing with errors, understanding the ISO standard, writing your first C++ program and commenting code.
"Game Technologies"
Sample Chapter: "Game Technologies" from Game Programming in C++: Start to Finish, January 2006, by Erik Yuzwa. Discusses common license agreements, helpful technologies (including Blitz3D/Max, DirectX, FMOD, OGRE, OpenAL, Popcap framework, RatNet, ReplicaNet, Quake2 and Quake3, SDL, and Torque), current versioning systems (CVS), installing CVSNT, using CVS, creating the Superasteriodarena project, working with files, checking out objects, introduction to Doxygen, introduction to InnoSetup, the standard template library (including std::string, std::vector, and std::map).
Advice On C++ Game Programming Blog
Advice On C++ Game Programming blog is full of information about creating C++ game programs. Includes links to information about open source, compilers, cross platform issues, frame rates and math.
Game Developer Magazine
Game Developer magazine provides the latest news for game and entertainment software developers. It discusses technical solutions, the latest products and tools, successful game development strategies, tips and tricks, project case studies and more. Available in print and online formats.
"Advice on C++ Game Programming" Forum
The "Advice on C++ Game Programming" forum on Objectivism Online is a source of information and advice about creating game programs in C++. You can post a question, post an answer and read through the questions and answers posted. A side bar next to each entry indicates who the member is and how many posts they have made to the forum.
C++ Game Programming Google Group
C++ Game Programming newsgroup on Google Groups. Some of the topics discussed include game programming, creating a map game, game logic, sharing games tutorials, collaborating on C++ game development and more.
RealismX Game Engine
RealismX Game Engine is a free C++ game engine that assists in the installation of graphics, input, physics, AI, GameState management and sound in game programs.
ClanLib is a cross platform C++ toolkit library primarily used for game development. Site includes downloads, documentation, a forum, mailing lists for users and developers, tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, examples of games built with ClanLib, a FAQ and more.
Crystal Space
Crystal Space is a free, open source, multi-platform 3D game development kit written in C++. Features include a flexible plug-in system, SCF (Shared Class Facility) for communication between layers, 15/16-bit and 24/32-bit (truecolor) displays, commandline arguments, open C++ source code, textures with various formats (GIF, TGA, PNG, BMP, JPG, etc.), transparent and semi-transparent textures, a landscape engine, portability and more. Crystal Space is available under the LGPL GNU copyleft license and can be used in commercial products (per the terms of the LGPL license). Site includes downloads, an extensive list of features, documentation, a FAQ, a project wiki, forums, a blog and more.
Panda3D is a free C++ library (with Python bindings) for rapid 3D rendering and game development. Panda3D was developed by Disney for a large-scale, online multiplayer game (Toontown) and is now co-developed by Disney and Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. Site includes downloads, links to Panda 3D projects, a user manual, code examples, documentation, API reference materials, forums and more. Panda3D developers can submit their projects to be included on the site.
"OO Game Programming Tutorial: Pong"
Tutorial: "OO Game Programming Tutorial: Pong," discusses game design, where to start, the ball, other objects, paddle movement, paddle/wall collisions, ball movement, paddle/ball collisions, ball/wall collisions, scoring goals, and timing.
"Beginners Guide to C/C++ Game Programming"
Tutorial: "Beginners Guide to C/C++ Game Programming." A tutorial to take you from beginner to intermediate. Find information about C++ game programming, 2D and 3D graphics, sound, input, cameras and collision detection techniques.
"Why C++?"
Article: "Why C++?" by Kyle Wilson, a game programmer (July 15, 2006). Discusses why this author believes C++ is the best language to use for game programming. His reasons include inertia (C++ is a popular language and it is easy to find experienced C++ programmers), its ability to link with popular game engines (e.g., Gamebryo, Havok, FMOD, SpeedTree and the Unreal Engine are written in C++), the power and efficiency of the C++ language and more.
Airhockey 3D from BTS: Black Technology Studios
Free download of Airhockey 3D from BTS: Black Technology Studios. Airhockey 3D is a one to two player game programmed in C++ and OpenGL (an open source graphics library). Includes 12 different tables, tournament mode and a simple AI (artificial intelligence) to play against.
Slot Machine 4 for Windows
Download a free trial of Slot Machine 4 for Windows, a 3D-slot machine. The game is programmed in OpenGL (an open source graphics library) and C++. The download file includes the game’s source code.

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