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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Videos
“Help With C++”
Video tutorial: “Help With C++.” Video tutorials on C++ with source code and explanations. The first tutorial, Beginning C++ Programming: Lesson 1, describes how to create your first C++ program, the C++ output object and the insertion operator.
“Pointer Fun with Binky”
Video podcast: “Pointer Fun with Binky,” by Nick Parlante. Three minute video covers the basics of using pointers in C++. Includes a companion text for the video which shows the actual C++ syntax for working with pointers.
Martin Lovell Interview
Video podcast: Charles Torre interviews Martin Lovell, C++ Library Development Team Leader. Martin talks about Secure CRT in Visual C++ which replaces unsafe C-style method patterns. Also discusses the future of C++ and how C++ will evolve.
Shankar Vaidyanathan Interview
Video podcast: Charles Torre interviews Shankar Vaidyanathan, Lead Developer in the Visual C++ IDE Team. Shankar discusses how intellisense works, some core changes to Visual Studio 2005 and what will be coming to future versions of VC++ and Visual Studio.
Boris Jabes Interview
Video podcast: Charles Torre interviews Boris Jabes, a program manager on the Microsoft Visual C++ team. They discuss the new features of VC++ 2005, debugging enhancements, semantic additions and tips and tricks for VC++ developers in Visual Studio 2005.
Herb Sutter, The Future of Visual C++, Part I
Video podcast: Herb Sutter, The Future of Visual C++, Part I. Charles Torre interviews Herb Sutter, member of the Visual C++ team. Sutter discusses the changes to the language and compiler for the next version of Visual C++.

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