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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Proposed Additions
Official list of proposed additions to the C++ core language and their status submitted by the Evolution Working Group current as of April, 2007. Proposals are categorized by status and show progress from the last meeting. Each proposal includes a paper with a formal description.
“Stroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x”
“Stroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x.” This blog entry posts the article from Bjarne Stroustrup discussing the new features likely to be part of the C++0x standard. Programmers share their opinions on the proposed features including tuples and lambda functions.
C++ Standards Committee
Official website for the C++ Standards Committee, the international standardization working group for the C++ programming language. Includes links to all technical reports and documents being reviewed for the next standard of C++.
“Trip Report: Ad-Hoc Meeting on Threads in C++”
“Trip Report: Ad-Hoc Meeting on Threads in C++.” Eric Niebler from The C++ Source describes a meeting where concurrency experts discuss adding threads to C++0x. Specific areas of discussion included the C++ memory model, thread synchronization, thread launching and joining and exceptions in threads. Also provides links to many articles about multi-threading in C++ and a forum for readers to discuss this article.
“Draft Technical Report on C++ Library Extensions”
“Draft Technical Report on C++ Library Extensions.” The Technical Report (TR1) describes the extensions to the C++ standard library that may be standardized in C++0x and gives advice on extensions that vendors may choose to provide.
“Highlights of the April 2006 ISO C++ Meeting”
Blog entry: “Highlights of the April 2006 ISO C++ Meeting.” Herb Sutter highlights what the International Standards Organization (ISO) decided on for additions to C++0x. Some key additions voted on include auto type deduction, a fix for an annoying quirk regarding right angle brackets (>) and nearly all of the Library Technical Report (TR1).
“C++: Proposals by Status”
“C++: Proposals by Status” by Danny Kalev, Jan 12, 2007. Outlines proposals from the Evolution Working Group likely to be included in C++0x standard categorized by status. Also provides links to the complete official list of C++0x proposals and descriptions with example code for many of the proposals.
C++0x Wiki
Wikipedia entry for C++0x, the new standard for the C++ programming language set to be released in 2009. Discusses proposed changes to the C++ core language including asynchronous function call, thread-local storage, atomic operations, lambda expressions and more. Also discusses proposed additions to the C++ standard library including tuple types, hash tables, regular expressions, smart pointers and more.
“A Brief Look at C++0x”
“A Brief Look at C++0x,” by Bjarne Stroustrup, original creator of the C++ programming language. The article outlines the guiding principles of work on C++0x and gives a sneak peek at the next version of the C++ standard, expected to be finished in 2009.

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