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C++ Programming Resource Center
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C++ Multiple Inheritance
“A Typed Intermediate Language for Compiling...”
Technical Report: “A Typed Intermediate Language for Compiling Multiple Inheritance,” by Juan Chen from Microsoft. Discusses how EMI (Encoding for Multiple Inheritance), an intermediate language, is used to supports multiple inheritance and virtual inheritance in C++-like languages. Blog comments on this article can be found at
“An Operational Semantics and Type Safety Proof...
Research Paper: “An Operational Semantics and Type Safety Proof for C++-Like Multiple Inheritance,” by Daniel Wasserrab, Tobias Nipkow, Gregor Snelting and Frank Tip. Discusses repeated and shared multiple inheritance in C++, the Rossie-Friedman subject model and C++ multiple inheritance.
“Multiple Inheritance and Interfaces”
Article: “Multiple Inheritance and Interfaces.” Discusses classic single-inheritance protocols, intermediate class protocols, interface classes protocols and restrictions on the use of multiple inheritance.
“Using C++ Multiple Inheritance with MFC”
“Using C++ Multiple Inheritance with MFC” from the MFC Reference Library.
Multiple Inheritance FAQ
FAQ provides explanations of multiple inheritance and virtual inheritance.
Multiple Inheritance Tips
Tips on multiple inheritance.
“Multiple Inheritance Considered Useful”
“Multiple Inheritance Considered Useful,” by Jack W. Reeves. Article includes an overview of how multiple inheritance works in C++, issues of overhead and quirks of multiple inheritance, criticisms against using multiple inheritance in C++ and suggestions for library design to make using multiple inheritance easier in C++.

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Update :: January 22, 2020