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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Forums
C++ and Object-Oriented Programming Group
This group discusses the C++ programming language and object-oriented programming. Topics include standard C++ design tools, pointers, reading data from a file, C++ frameworks and commenting styles.
C and C++ Google Group
This is a Google Group where beginners to C and C++ programming can post questions and get feedback from more experienced C++ programmers. Some topics discussed include switch statements, pointers, strings, inheritance and constructors.
Programmers-Town is a Yahoo! Group dedicated to discussing C and C++ programming issues. Members focus on sharing knowledge and helping others improve their code. Some recent topics include setting up an email client with C++, file access and function arrays.
C Programming: Turning Caffeine into Code
C Programming: Turning Caffeine into Code is a Yahoo! Group for C and C++ programmers. This group provides a place for advanced C and C++ programmers to share ideas, experience and projects. The Group is also open to less experienced programmers.
c-prog Yahoo! Tech Group
c-prog is a Yahoo! Tech Group for C and C++ programmers. The group has almost 10,000 members discussing many topics including compilers, writing code, making templates and creating libraries. The group is open to new and experienced programmers.
C and C++ Yahoo! Tech Groups
This is a directory of Yahoo! Tech Groups for the C and C++ programming languages. Some message archives are open to the public and others require membership in order to view. Groups have been started by various C++ communities as well as key individuals in the C++ programming field including Herb Sutter and Scott Meyers.
Borland C++ Forum
Borland C++ forum. Chat with over 4000 members about C++ topics including debugging, compiling, using images, variables, alias variables, outputting to a file, handling errors and more. Post your code and get feedback on how to improve it.
C++ Forums
C++ forums discussing Windows programming, C++ games and graphics programming, programming in Unix/Linux, algorithms and data structures, and math and physics. Also has a forum for C++ programming newbies to get help.
MSDN Visual C++ Forum
Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) forum for Visual C++. Includes a general forum and a language forum. The general forum discusses development environments, libraries, setup, debuggers, samples and documentation. Language forum discusses the C++ programming language, compilers and linkers.
C++ Forum
C++ programming forum. Browse over 300 threads or post your own. Find help on many C++ programming topics including C++ book recommendations, drawing in C++, using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), playing audio with C++, macros, namespaces and much more.’s C++ Forums
Ask questions and get help on’s C++ forums. Topics include unusual link errors, accessing pointer data in a struct, basics of C++, running time tests on vectors and lists, using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), and more.
Visual C++ and C++ Forums
Forums discussing various Visual C++ and C++ programming topics, including Visual C++ programming, non-Visual C++ programming, managed C++, Visual C++ bugs and fixes, C++ and WinAPI.

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