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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Conferences
BoostCon 2007
BoostCon 2007: May 14-18 2007. Includes two main tracks, one on the practical interests of Boost and TR1 for end-users, and the other on Boost developers. Each track features tutorials, case studies, expert panels, workshops on the design process, TR1, TR2 and the upcoming standard C++0x.
ACCU Conference 2007
ACCU Conference 2007
April 11-14, 2007
Oxford, England.
Sessions include: C++ Productivity, Reviewing the C++ Toolbox, Idioms, and Weirdness of C++ in Your Pocket!, Architecture, Paradigms, Eliminating the "Accidential Complexity" of Native Symbian C++, Generative C++ in the Large: Applied Metaprogramming and Other Generative Idioms, C++ Unit Testing Easier, Towards a C++ Memory Model, C and C++ Programmers and Truthiness, Testing Mobile .NET Applications, Implementing Lean Software Development, Hands-On Agile Development Workkshop, The Software Development Pendulum: A Brief History, Semantic Programming, Advocating Agility, Coaching Software Development Teams, Java Performance Model, A Balanced Agile Design Approach, A Gentle Introduction to Software Estimation, Improving Collaboration in Open Source Projects, and Exceptions of Error Codes?

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