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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Blogs
“How much C++ should you know?”
“How much C++ should you know?” Enno Rehling answers that question relating to entering the field of game programming in C++. Enno gives some resources to look into and some advice on how to approach employers about becoming a C++ game programmer.
“C++ Weblog”
“C++ Weblog.” Danny Kalev, a software engineer specializing in C++, discusses a variety of C++ topics in his C++ Resource Center including security in C++, combining native and managed C++ code, the upcoming release of the C++0x standard and more.
“Highlights of the April 2006 ISO C++ Meeting”
Blog entry: “Highlights of the April 2006 ISO C++ Meeting.” Herb Sutter highlights what the International Standards Organization (ISO) decided on for additions to C++0x. Some key additions voted on include auto type deduction, a fix for an annoying quirk regarding right angle brackets (>) and nearly all of the Library Technical Report (TR1).
“Bulletproofing C++ Code”
“Bulletproofing C++ Code.” This blog entry outlines a number of strategies for improving stability and reducing the risk of errors in C++ code and links directly to the full article. Strategies include static analysis, establishing a reliable regression base, unit and regression testing, static analysis and code review.
Microsoft Visual C++ Team Blog Links
Read what the Microsoft Visual C++ team is working on and stay updated on the latest releases for Visual C++ 2005. Includes links to personal blogs for the team members: Ayman Shoukry, Herb Sutter, Andy Rich, Brandon Bray, Nikola Dudar, Ronald Pihlgren, Martyn Lovell, Steve Teixeira, Kang Su Gatlin, Kevin Frei, Boris Jabes and Mark Lacey.
Herb Sutter Blog
This is the personal blog for Herb Sutter, a member the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. He blogs about many things including his event in California with Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of the C++ programming language.

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