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C++ Programming Resource Center


C++ Articles
“A Brief Look at C++0x”
“A Brief Look at C++0x,” by Bjarne Stroustrup, original creator of the C++ programming language. The article outlines the guiding principles of work on C++0x and gives a sneak peek at the next version of the C++ standard, expected to be finished in 2009.
“Bulletproofing C++ Code”
“Bulletproofing C++ Code,” by Sergei Sokolov, Solution Manager at Parasoft. Sokolov describes four strategies for reducing the risk of errors in C++ when multiple programmers try to extend existing code, and for improving the stability of the evolving code base.
Codeguru is a site for developers. Provides many articles on a wide range Visual C++ and C++ topics including properties in C++, multithreaded applications and some video tutorials. Includes user ratings for most of the posts.
Compiling and Linking
Explains how to use compiling and linking to create an executable C++ program.
Run-Time Error Checking Comes to Compilers
Article: “Run-Time Error Checking Comes to Compilers,” by Steve Apiki. Discusses the integration of run-time error checkers directly into the Borland C++ and Microsoft VC++ IDEs.

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Update :: January 22, 2020