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C Programming Resource Center
Allegro is a C game programming library, created by Shawn Hargreaves of the Climax game studio. Created to be as powerful as possible while still remaining relatively simple to code with, Allegro is a great way to get started with game programming. Start your search here for Web links, blog posts, forums, groups, books, and open source games.

Allegro & C Game Programming
Jonathan Harbour's Allegro Forum
Allegro forum at the homepage of Jonathan Harbour, author of “Game Programming: All in One.” Another good place to ask for help if you are having trouble with your Allegro program.
Blog on Allegro
Blog post that discusses Allegro and its ease of use.
Allegro Downloads and Source Code
Download the files and source code for Allegro here.
Allegro API
The Allegro API, in PDF format.
Allegro Manual
The Allegro manual, in HTML format. This manual contains information on essential functions of the Allegro library without the complexity and wordiness of the API.
Allegro Programming Community
A large community of Allegro programmers. Share your ideas for games here and check out new developments in the Allegro world, including new games and programming competitions.
Allegro Community Free Games
This section of the website contains over 1,000 games created by members with Allegro. Most of the games listed are open source, and all are free to download and play.
Allegro Library
Wikipedia article for the Allegro library.
Allegro Tutorial for the Allegro Library
A beginner’s tutorial for the Allegro library.
Allegro Tutorial
An Allegro “newbie tutorial.” Created for the beginning programmer, contains a basic set of tutorials that cover everything from simply getting Allegro to run on your computer to making your own graphics and datafiles for Allegro to use.
Allegro Tutorial for Novices
Another tutorial intended for Allegro novices.
Allegro Tutorial for Beginners
A beginner’s tutorial for getting started with the Allegro library.
Programming Pong in Allegro
A page that contains a downloadable tutorial which explains, step-by-step, how to program the simple game Pong in Allegro.
Allegro Quick Reference
An Allegro “quick reference.” Check here if you have trouble remembering that one method you need for your game.
Allegro Forum
The forums of Here you can communicate with other Allegro developers, get help with problematic programs, and share ideas for games.
Allegro Group
A Yahoo! group dedicated to creating games with Allegro and archiving Allegro games.
Book: Introductory Game Programming in Allegro
“Game Programming: All in One” by Jonathan S. Harbour. Teaches introductory game programming using the Allegro library.
Tutorial on User Input
A tutorial that explains how to make your game allow text input from the user.
Tutorial for Action Game in Allegro
This tutorial details making a simple helicopter action game using Allegro.
Creating a Pong game in Allegro
Another page that details creating a Pong game in Allegro.
Allegro Home Page
The Allegro homepage. Here you can download the files necessary to use Allegro in your C code, and you can check out the documentation and other Allegro resources.

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