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Ajax Resource Center

Google Web Toolkit and Ajax Resources
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Resource Center
The Google Web Tookit (GWT) Resource Center is your guide to the online resources for this exciting new technology from Google. Learn how you can use the GWT—a Java software development framework—to simplify development of your AJAX applications. In our Google Web Tookit (GWT) Resource Center you'll find:
Google Web Toolkit Wiki
Google Web Toolkit wiki includes an introduction to the GWT, links to sample applications, a comparison of the GWT to other AJAX frameworks, tutorials, resources and more.
Getting started with the Google Web Toolkit
Blog entry: "Getting started with the Google Web Toolkit," by Ed Burnette, shows you how to get the GWT set up so that you can begin AJAX development.
Jump Start Your AJAX Development with the GWT
Tutorial: "Jump Start Your AJAX Development with the Google Web Toolkit," by Tyrell Perera. Topics include an introduction to the GWT, Creating an Eclipse project, importing the project into the Eclipse IDE, running "hello World," and translating the "Hello World" into JavaScript.
Google Web Toolkit Tutorial

Tutorial: "Google Web Toolkit," by Bruce Perry. Discusses how to develop an AJAX application for Mac OS X using the GWT, Apache Ant, the Tomcat 5.0, and IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment.

Ajax for Java developers: Exploring the GWT
Tutorial: "Ajax for Java developers: Exploring the Google Web Toolkit: Develop Ajax applications from a single Java codebase," by Philip McCarthy.
Google Web Toolkit: the Breakdown
Tutorial: "Google Web Toolkit: the Breakdown," walks through the development of an AJAX web application using the Google Web Toolkit.
GWT: AJAX Buzz Meets Real World Development
Tutorial: "Google Web Toolkit: AJAX Buzz Meets Real World Development: With its Swing-like development framework and its awe-inspiring compiler/debugger, the GWT eases AJAX development," by Gautam Shah. Provides introductions to the Google Web Toolkit, AJAX development, GWT components and GWT RPC. Includes source code.
Google Web Toolkit Hacks
Download the Google Web Toolkit Hacks. Includes widgets, plugins, AJAX applets and games based on the GWT.
Java Applet Web Server
Download the Java Applet Web Server (AppletServer). Use the GWT and allows you to run Java applets on the server-side and automatically generate AJAX for the browser.
Exploring the Google Web Toolkit
Article: "Ajax for Java Developers: Exploring the Google Web Toolkit," by Philip McCarthy. Discusses a simple GWT example, building an application, developing the basic GUI, adding styling with CSS, adding client-side behavior, client-side debugging with the GWT shell, communicating with server-side components, invoking the service from the client, the need for server-side validation, calling native JavaScript with JSNI, why use GWT, and the case for code generation.
Googled by GWT, Part 1
Article: "Googled by GWT, Part 1: Yes, Ermintrude, there is an alternative to AJAX," by John Hunt. Provides an overview of the GWT, and discusses setting up an Eclipse GWT project.
Googled by GWT, Part 2
Article: "Googled by GWT, Part 2: Yes, Ermintrude, there is an alternative to AJAX," by John Hunt. Discusses basic UI components, the anatomy of a GWT application, running in hosted mode and running in web mode.
Build AJAX Apps in Java
Article: "Google Helps Developers Build AJAX Apps in Java, Launches Google Web Toolkit: Write Front End in Java then GWT Compiler Converts Java Classes to Browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML," by the AJAXWorld News Desk.
Building Web Software with GWT, AJAX and More
Ryan Dewsbury, creator of (an animated poker game built with the GWT), blogs about building web software using the GWT, AJAX, C++, Java, PHP, LAMP and more.
Write AJAX applications in Java with the GWT
Blog entry: "Write AJAX applications in the Java language with Google Web Toolkit," by Bret Taylor, Project Manager at Google. Provides a brief introduction to the Google Web Toolkit and the author discusses his favorite feature—the built-in RPC support.
Google Web Toolkit: AJAX Apps from Java
Blog entry: "Google Web Toolkit: AJAX Apps from Java," by Michael Mahemoff. Discusses some of the GWT widgets and shows how a tree is created.
Hosting AJAX on S3 with Openfount
Blog entry: "Hosting AJAX on S3 with Openfount," by John Udell of InfoWorld. Discusses the functionality of Openfount, which uses the GWT and Amazon's S3 storage service.
Free AJAX Programming web-based training course
Free 10-week AJAX programming web-based training course includes a 90 minute class on the Google Web Toolkit, plus a 120 minute lab exercise and homework assignment. The course runs from August 4, 2006 through November 3, 2006. It is taught by Sang Shin of Sun Microsystems.

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