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Ajax Resource Center

AJAX in Ruby on Rails
Rails Documentation
This is the official Rails Documentation for using Prototype JavaScript functions in Ruby on Rails.
Visual Effects with Ajax
This is the official Rails Documentation for using the JavaScript library to create vi­sual effects with Ajax.
Agile Programming in Rails
This is a chapter from the not-yet-released Agile Programming in Rails, 2/e. This chapter is in beta form. It shows a detailed example of converting a regular application to an Ajax application using Ruby on Rails.
Conceptual Workings of Ajax
This is the essay by Jesse James Garrett who coined the term Ajax. It explains how Ajax works on a conceptual level, which is important to understanding how Ajax works in Ruby on Rails.
David Heinemeir Hansson
A blog entry by David Heinemeir Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, talking about the Ajax support included in rails.
Ajax and Ruby on Rails
This is an introductory article that provides a brief overview of Ajax and Ruby on Rails. It is one of the primary articles on the Ruby on Rails Wiki.
Ajax on Rails
“Ajax on Rails” by software developer Curt Hibbs introduces Ajax technologies, discusses the difference between traditional Web applications and Ajax web applications, then walks through examples of using Rails to implement Ajax applications.

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Update :: January 18, 2020