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Ajax Resource Center

AJAX and Yahoo! Web Services
Yahoo! Maps Ajax API-Getting Started Guide
Tutorial: "Yahoo! Maps Ajax API-Getting Started Guide ," teaches the fundamentals of the Yahoo! Maps Ajax API. Learn how to use Ajax to display a Yahoo! Map, place a marker on a Yahoo! Map, add tools to a Yahoo! Map, draw a map by address, overlay GeoRSS XML data and more.
Make Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls
Tutorial: "HOWTO: Make Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls with JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest" shows you how the technology works, how to formulate a request, how to create the XMLHttpRequest Object and make the request, create a callback and parse the result.
Cross-Domain XMLHttpRequest Calls
Tutorial: "HOWTO: Use a Web proxy for Cross-Domain XMLHttpRequest Calls" discusses the XMLHttpRequest object, and how to relay network requests from your Web server to Yahoo! Web services using a Web proxy.

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Update :: January 18, 2020