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Ajax Resource Center

AJAX Conferences
SOAWorld Conference and Expo
SOAWorld Conference and Expo
New York, NY
June 25-26, 2007
JavaOne Conference
JavaOne Conference 2007
San Francisco, California
May 8-11, 2007
Web Directions North 2007
Web Directions North 2007
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
February 6-10, 2007
Sessions and Workshops include:
  • CSS + Javascript = Magic
  • Web Apps—Ajax Kung Fu Meets Accessibility Feng Shui
  • Transcendent Design with Javascript and CSS
  • The Business and Technology of Mashups
AJAXWorld Conference and Expo
AJAXWorld Conference and Expo
New York, NY
March 19-21, 2007
Sessions at AJAXWorld 2007 Conference and Expo Include:
  • Streamlining Your Web 2.0 Solutions from End-to-End with XML
  • Web 2.0 Security
  • AJAX: From Early Adoption to Business Impact
  • The User Experience of Social Applications
  • Using RDFa to Build Semantic Mash-ups
  • Web 2.0 Mashups: Moving Toward Monetization
  • The Social Aggregator: Emerging Next-Generation Information Architecture Maximize Your Revenue From Your Web 2.0 Venture
  • Microsoft AJAX Library Architecture—A Deep Dive
  • Automatically Testing the UI of AJAX: Challenges and Solutions
  • Creating AJAX-Powered Forms with the Dojo Toolkit
  • Rails: De Facto API for the Web?
  • Google Web Toolkit: For Quick Relief of AJAX Pain
  • Encapsulating AJAX Functionality in JavaServer Faces Components
  • Doing AJAX with the Microsoft AJAX Development Platform
  • AJAX In Enterprise Applications
  • AJAX RIAs and the Service-Oriented Platform
  • Tapping the Power with Rich Internet Applications
  • Visual AJAX - Combining Open Source Projects to Achieve Ease-of-Development
  • Real-World Web 2.0 Comet-Based Applications
  • AJAX Development with JavaServer Faces
  • Enterprise AJAX Using Java
  • How and Why PHP Makes a Successful Back End for AJAX
  • A Study of AJAX Vulnerabilities and Hacking Techniques

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