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ASP.NET Resource Center
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Atlas Documentation
Atlas documentation. Provides an overview of Atlas, downloads and several walkthroughs that demonstrate how use ASP.NET Atlas to create a basic Web application, a declarative Web application, an auto-completion text box and more.
Microsoft ASP.NET Atlas (AJAX) Framework Preview
Article: "Microsoft ASP.NET Atlas (AJAX) Framework Preview," by Bruce Dunwoodie. Provides a brief description of ASP.NET "Atlas."
Putting Atlas on the Map
Blog entry: "Putting Atlas on the Map."
ASP.NET, "Atlas,", Windows Forms and WPF
Blog entry discusses how ASP.NET, "Atlas,", Windows Forms and WPF work together.
ASP.NET, Atlas, Windows Forms and WPF
Blog entry: "ASP.NET, Atlas, Windows Forms and WPF," by Tim Sneath.
Blog: Atlas Sample Code
Atlas blog entry includes links to sample code.
Atlas Networking and Web Services Forum
Atlas networking and Web Services discussion forum.
Atlas UI Forum
Atlas UI discussion forum.
Atlas Forum
Atlas forum includes discussion from the community.
Video Overview of ASP.NET Atlas
Video overview of ASP.NET Atlas demonstrates how to use the new server controls to incrementally enrich standard ASP.NET pages and shows client-centric application development.
Microsoft to Add AJAX Capabilities to ASP.NET
Article: "Microsoft to Add AJAX Capabilities to ASP.NET," by A. Russell Jones. Discusses Atlas which supports AJAX development in ASP.NET.
ASP.NET Atlas Discussion
Discusses ASP.NET Atlas.
Atlas Updates
Atlas blog posts updates to Atlas and to the related Web sites.
ASP.NET Atlas Wiki
Download the ASP.NET Atlas wiki to create your own wiki Web site.
ASP.NET Atlas Web Site Template
Instructions for downloading the ASP.NET Atlas Web Site Template.
ASP.NET Project Atlas Quickstart Tutorial
Tutorial: "ASP.NET Project Atlas Quickstart Tutorial. Topics include namespaces, inheritance, interfaces, calling Web services from an ASPX page, passing a complex type from a Web service, caching a WebMethod, exposing Web services from an ASPX page, caching exceptions from a service, simple DataBinding, exposing a DataSource, using a ListView control, using an ItemView control, returning to a DataTable and ASP.NET Atlas client-side and server-side controls. Code examples can be viewed in either C# or Visual Basic.
Atlas: ASP.NET Technology
Atlas is an ASP.NET technology from Microsoft that allows you to develop Web applications that update data on a page by making calls to a Web server.

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