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Sudoku Resource Center


Sudoku Tutorials
Tutorial: 10-step Sudoku Solution
Tutorial: A simple 10-step explanation on how to solve a Sudoku puzzle.
Tutorial: Solving Sudoku
"Solving Sudoku," by Michael Mepham discusses what the game is and how it is played. Gives strategies to help users solve the puzzles.
Tutorial: Simple Step-by-Step for Sudoku Novices
Tutorial: This is a simple step-by-step presentation for Sudoku novices.
Tutorial: Solving Sudoku
Tutorial: "Solving Sudoku," by Angus Johnson. Explains Sudoku solution strategies. The tutorial uses a playing surface as it walks users through the solution process. It also explains singles, hidden singles, locked candidates, naked pairs, triples and quads, and hidden pairs, triples and quads.
Tutorial: Basics of Solving a Sudoku Puzzle
Tutorial: Explains the basics of solving a Sudoku puzzle. Explains Sudoku terminology including single position, single candidate, double pair, naked pairs and triples, and hidden pairs and triples.
Tutorial: Scanning Techniques for Solving Sudoku
Tutorial: Explains scanning techniques for solving Sudoku puzzles. Shows how to find single candidates and how to search for missing numbers in rows and columns. Analysis techniques such as naked pairs and hidden pairs are explained.
Definitions of Terms Used in Sudokus
Terminology:  Definitions of terms used in solving Sudokus (i.e., naked single, hidden single, X Wing, etc.).

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