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Sudoku Resource Center


Sudoku Software from Amazon.comMinimize

For use with Game Boy Advance. Many puzzles at various levels of difficulty. Has a tutorial, help mode, and allows you to design your own puzzles.

This software contains over 10,000 puzzles that can be printed out. Puzzles come in three levels—easy, medium and hard.

This software contains 1000 Sudoku puzzles many of which have tricky twists to them.

This software contains 100,000 puzzles for the Sudoku fanatic. There are three levels of difficulty, a timer (that can pause) and puzzle solver.

This software has four levels of difficulty and over 10,000 puzzles. It incorporates sound and music and the puzzles can be printed.

Sudoku Software from
SuDoKu Puzzles Desktop Application
Play SuDoKu puzzles on your PC with this desktop application available from CNET The game offers three difficulty levels, a game-saving features and hundreds of puzzles.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: October 18, 2019