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Sudoku Resource Center


Sudoku Mobile
Software for Sudoku on Palm Devices
A free software download developed by Andrew Gregory for playing Sudoku on Palm devices. Provides instructions for playing, system requirements, and download instructions.
Mobile Phone Sudoku Software
Software for users who wish to play Sudoku on a mobile phone or Palm device. A free trial is available. Devices connected to the Internet can receive a new puzzle every day.
Sudokus for Mobile Devices
Users who want to play Sudoku on their mobile devices can purchase 30 games that ranging in difficulty.
Sudokus for Mobile Phones
Users can play Sudoku puzzles on their mobile phone for a modest fee.
Sudoku Program for Java-Enabled Mobile Devices
A free download Sudoku program for users with Java enabled mobile devices.
Sudoku Puzzles for PDA Devices
Sudoku puzzles for PDA devices. Users can try this free for a limited time. The full product has (according to the manufacturer) a billion puzzles.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: October 16, 2019